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Founded in 2007, FastIraq worked directly with the Minister of Communications at that time to develop a plan to transition the Ministries operating entity (Iraqi Telephone and Postal Company “ITPC”) from a state owned entity to a Public Private Partnership.

In September of 2009, FastIraq was licensed as an operator in Iraq.  In May of 2010 we successfully brought up the first cross-border telecommunications circuit and connected Iraq to the global internet via fiber.


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We understand the local, geographical and often political challenges associated with delivering consistent, high quality services. FastIraq also understands that the end user experience is a vital lifeline to those using the FastIraq network, and that it is greatly relied on for welfare, administration and entertainment purposes. FastIraq has its main Networks Operation Centre (NOC) in Baghdad with failover locations in Basra and Erbil. From these locations our NOC and CoreTech teams are committed to resolving all technical matters in a timely manner as well as keeping all clients updated on outage resolution. In the event of an outage FastIraq prioritises the necessity to keep its customers updated and where possible services are diverted to a protected route for service continuation. Protection is provided via both microwave links and traffic switching to another international gateway.