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Telecomunications Innovation

FastIraq was established in 2007 to provide information and communications technology (ICT) solutions Iraq-wide that are driving growth in the most exciting emerging market in the world.

FastIraq Telecommunications company offer a diverse portfolio of communication services, to enable companies to communicate effectively with customers and deliver high standards of customer service, also considered as a key element in teamwork, allowing employees to cooperate easily from wherever they are located.


We can help to maintain and modernize your communications infrastructure and provide 24/7 support to issues a business may face.

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Our Mission

International Telecommunications Partner

Our mission is to provide and maintain the highest quality of Telecommunications service to our customers in order to make their lives simpler and easier to perform their jobs more efficiently.

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Improve and Innovate
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We plan to build the high-quality telecommunication services; to ensure that our customers receive the most suitable service in different environments. We provide network solutions and services to cover the whole of Iraq that provides robust connectivity on a global scale through fibre backbone and wireless last mile connectivity. We support our customers quickly, efficiently to deliver their requested services.

// Experience. Execution. Excellence.

Our Initiatives

Company Vision

Our company vision incorporates corporate social responsibility at its core. We use it to inform decisions on how we run our business; from investing in and growing our resources, to our partnership programs and charity work.

Environment – we only partner with hardware providers who share the same core values as ourselves, dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint and environmental impact where possible.

Education –we believe in investing in our people through in-house and external education programs, encouraging employees to grow, learn and share; to foster innovation and the generation of ideas. We also work with local universities to encourage students to take an interest in technology and the subsequent career paths available.

Equality – as a global company with offices covering different regions and cultural sensibilities, we support equal opportunity free from discrimination, in and outside of our workplaces. We encourage communication and co-operation to ensure the ethical treatment of all employees independent of race, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, religious belief, age, disability or social background.