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Colocation Hosting

Colocation refers to the practice of housing your servers and devices in a professional facility such as ours. By using our facilities you have the advantage of greater bandwidth, lower latency and security. With greater resilience to disaster and to malicious attack and direct access to the FastIraq MPLS network, colocation is ideal for those using our satellite bandwidth.

Colocation services  by FastIraq allow secure client access to private servers. Our colocation services include leasing server cabinets and cages, connecting to our infrastructure, and monitoring server status. Each cabinet and cage is securely locked and inaccessible to other colocation clients. Hardware is administered by the client without FastIraq’s involvement, except manual server restarts or upon request. Colocation services let clients take advantage of our infrastructure, while maintaining control over their servers.

 Our colocation solutions are an enabler and addon to our connectivity products, giving you a launch pad to wider connectivity possibilities, new markets and partners. Bundle cross connects, connectivity, ports and software-defined networking to rapidly connect to new and existing networks, IXPs, clouds, applications and business partners.

Whether it’s a full suite or a 1/2 rack you need, we’ve got a range of scalable options to support your growth at a pace that works for you. Benefit from exceptional security and SLAs, fully-managed Meet-Me-Rooms (MMR), remote hands options, and disaster management, at all of our facilities.

Benefits of Colocation Services
  • Environmental control
  • Redundant power sources and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) backup
  • Large capacity of multi-homed quality bandwidth
  • Around-the-clock security
  • Effective way to obtain business continuity, scalability and minimal network latency at a fraction of the cost.
  • Additional Benefits of FastIraq's Colocation and Hosting
  • Carriers would benefit from low cost of set up.
  • Have the flexibility to connect easily to other carriers in the region without significant investment.
  • Efficient caching due to ease of connectivity with other providers with CDN capability
  • Cost effective route to access consumers in the Iraqi market
  • Accelerated adoption of new services
  • Improved costs and budgeting (by way of reduced cloud connectivity and traffic cost)
  • Reduced latency
  • Enhanced end user experience
  • Access to cloud bases services (SaaS)
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    How do we make it work

    Our colocation facilities enable you to establish a cost-efficient and interconnected network presence in new markets. Each of FastIraq’s Global Hubs has its own community of digital partners, accessible from within the facilities, as well as global connectivity via our Data Centre Interconnect (DCI) solution that gives you on-demand access to an interconnected mesh of over 260 data centre locations in local metros, regional markets and international locations. 

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    Easy Deployment
    And Connection

    FastIraq’s highly secure and interconnected colocation facilities will give you the foundations you need to deploy, host, connect and manage your network, services and applications on an international scale. Grow your network and business with our flexible, scalable hosting and hybrid IT solutions.


    Expand your network footprint in new market

    Rapidly scale your reach across Epsilon's global network Fabric of 260+ data centre locations, 600+ cloud provider, networks and Internet Exchanges

    Be better connected with better colocation

    Our web-based click-to-connect provisioning makes it simple and easy to procure ethernet services and scale up or down to meet your needs

    Scale your network at your own pace

    Full suite or ½ rack, we’ve got a range of scalable options, with a range of SLA-backed security and support services, so you can grow your business with confidence.

    Gain peace of mind when it comes to security

    Experience our highly-secure and resilient hosting environments and a portfolio of security and disaster recovery solutions for assurance and peace of mind.

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    NEED A CONSULTATION? Speak to our Colocation experts

    We’ve been solving business connectivity and communications problems since 2003, so we know a thing or two about global network connectivity.


    We understand the unique challenges that the rapid expansion of Colocation, next-generation technologies, big data and digital services present to you and your business, and we’re here to help.
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    We are Trusted
    on a Global Scale

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    Flexible plans
    Solutions to fit your needs
    Our trusted carrier-neutral facilities offer our partners the assurance of a highly-secure and resilient hosting environment. We offer flexible colocation options, ranging from customisable private suites and cages to fractional and full rack-space, power and cooling – ensuring maximum uptime with round-the-clock maintenance and monitoring.We understand you might want to have a look at the facilities yourself, so we can even set up a dedicated site tour, to give you the confidence you need in our colocation services.
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    Bundle your connectivity
    Take control of your Colocation
    As a tenant of one of FastIraq's Global Hubs, you’ll have unparalleled access to a growing partner ecosystem. Seamlessly interconnect with over 260 data centres and connect with more than 600 network operators, cloud service providers and Internet Exchange Points on our global interconnect fabric. We can also provide you with carrier-grade network connectivity solutions ranging from IP transit, MEF certified ethernet, last-mile circuits, cloud connectivity and more.
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    Orchestrate your network
    Award winning SAAS
    Our award-winning Network as a Service (NaaS) platform, Infiny, is available at all of our colocation hubs. Sign up for an account and simplify your network procurement and operations with one simple to use platform. Click and buy network and communications services, monitor and optimise traffic, and improve cloud and application performance, with the visibility you need for granular control. We can also provide you with carrier-grade network connectivity solutions ranging from IP transit, MEF certified ethernet, last-mile circuits, cloud connectivity and more.