We Provide wholesale IP with BGP peering, and we can also provide GCC and FNA at no additional or minimal cost.

Government and Military

Our SDH and Clear channel services is ideal for Government and Military application, as it provides secure and non-contended links between any location in Iraq and the rest of the world.
Additionally our international POPs makes interconnections easy.

Oil and Gas

Our presence in oil producing cities, and our close proximities to the oil fields makes installation and maintenance fast and reliable.
Moreover, our team of IRATA certified rigging team will comply with the strictest HSE standards.


We can support any size business from a small business with one location to large business with multiple regional office.
As we provide robust Direct Internet Access, and Layer 2 service, we can connect all regional office to HQ for more efficient network management.

Consumer Internet

With our high coverage area, we can provide reasonably price internet packages for home users, with fast access to popular sites like YouTube and Facebook.
We also provide access to our Media Sharing site, and access to more than 40 sports and entertainment TV channels.