Who are we?

FastIraq was established in 2009 to provide information and communications technology (ICT) solutions Iraq-wide that are driving growth in the most exciting emerging market in the world.

FastIraq telecommunications company offer a diverse portfolio of internet services, in order to enables companies to communicate effectively with customers and deliver high standards of customer service, also consider as a key element in teamwork, allowing employees to cooperate easily from wherever they are located.

Our Mission​

Our mission is to provide and maintain the highest quality of Telecommunications service to our customers in order to make their lives simpler and easier to perform their jobs more efficiently.

Our Staff

Baghdad is our capital city and center of our country so there are number of government and non-government enterprise, that made FastIraq telecommunication to faces responsibility to provide high performance internet service to ensure work perform associated with universal standard.

Our primary core is located at the heart of this network and is connected via protected fiber optic cable to the ITPC national fiber network.  Radiating out from our core, we have established multiple wireless Points of Presence (POPs).  Each POP is owned and managed by FastIraq and includes a full complement of carrier grade network elements, UPS systems and auxiliary power generation.
For last mile connectivity, we deploy a portfolio of Point to Multi Point and Point to Point wireless solutions depending upon bandwidth required and distance.

Erbil is a modern and tourism city; it is witnessing rapid construction and development. Erbil and Sulaymaniyah are the center of residence for many of our corporate clients who also work throughout Iraq. FastIraq operates a Layer 2 and Layer 3 access network focused on our enterprise customer’s needs, so FastIraq has deployed a robust network in partnership with our local suppliers to provide our complete portfolio of services with the same level of service that our customers expect.

Due to our rebut network, we are one of the few IPSs in Iraq that has the ability to connect our corporate client’s offices in KRG with the rest of Iraq via Layer 2, or SDH.

Basra is one of the largest producing cities of oil and gas and to support investor companies FastIraq has deployed a robust regional network of integrated fiber and wireless technologies to reach all major operating fields, facilities and camps.

Our Basra Regional Network provides connectivity to North and South Rumaila, Majnoon, West Qurna, Halfaya, Ratawi and Zubair Oil Fields as well as the many camps and service sites operating in the region.

What We Do?

We Plan, We Provide, We Support

We plan to build the high-quality telecommunication services; to ensure that our customers get best services on different environments.

We provide network solution and services to cover whole Iraq, in order to make the communication possible on a global scale through Microwave or Fiber optics.

We created the infrastructure that allows data in words, voice, audio or video to be sent anywhere in the world.

We support our customers quickly, efficiently and without rest until the problem is solved.