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Network Operations Centers

Since 2009, FastIraq has set the market standard in Iraq for network reliability and network security. Our Network Operations Center (NOC) in Baghdad is the heart of the FastIraq network. Comprised of the best and brightest network engineers in Iraq, our team is focused on keeping our customers online through focused application of international standards, effective configuration & change management and tireless support.

Our NOC staff monitors and proactively manages the traffic flowing across FastIraq’s domestic and international networks twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Using the latest remote management & monitoring tools, FastIraq staff maintains situational awareness of the network to ensure that issues are quickly addressed and permanently resolved where feasible.

We also maintain regional NOC’s in Basra & Erbil to closely support our customers in those service areas. Each NOC has access to the same tools to ensure that there is 24/7 coverage and we can leverage the shared expertise of all staff regardless of location.

To further enhance our situational awareness due to an ever evolving security & regulatory environment, FastIraq maintains close ties with the Ministry of Communications (MoC) and Iraq Telephone and Postal Company (ITPC) to ensure that we quickly implement MoC directives with minimal impact to our customer base. As part of our focused relationship with the MoC, FastIraq posts two full time liaisons at the MoC and ITPC to ensure that there are always timely & effective communications with our valued governmental partners.

Our NOC’s primary focus is to keep our customers online, resolve issues that arise and implement lessons learned to continuously improve the performance of our network and the value we deliver to our customers.

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