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HSSE Overview

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our approach to corporate social and environmental responsibility is simple and straightforward. We aim to operate sustainable and workable practices throughout our day-to-day business with express consideration for the environment and to our customers, suppliers, employees and the communities within which we operate. We understand that our CSR policies can affect our customers’ and partners’ core business activity if not robust, visible, specific and measurable. FastIraq takes its duty of care to environment and persons who could be affected by our operations seriously, setting the standard for best practice, maintaining a competitive edge and transferring benefits on to customers and partners. We seek to minimize adverse impacts through good management, aiming for continuous improvement in our environmental performance and delivering on our duty of care towards future generations. Initiatives we have rolled out include: Training local people to carry out company operations minimizing Air travel. Researching local companies and ensuring their competence to contract works minimizing on traveland thus reducing carbon footprint. Sourcing structures and ancillaries locally. Our future plans to make Iraq a self-sufficient entity through continuous recruitment, training and commitment.

Health and Safety (SHE-Q)

At FastIraq our approach to health and safety is clear. To engage in all aspects of our business activities considerately, ethically and safely without risk or harm to our employees, members of the general public or supply chain partners. Health and safety is communicated via regular bulletins, updates and training sessions and is physically supported via a dedicated SHE-Q and Training Manager who regularly evaluate, test, inspect, audit and support the business and our colleagues, empowering them to make the right decisions on safety at all times. Health and Safety is the forefront to all our thoughts from the CEO down to all Employees understanding and committed to our motto Safety before Profit FastIraq recognize that human behavior and human error is the cause to the majority of accidents. By adopting a Safety Culture within our organization and empowering the employees to understand human factors and how to recognize hazards within the workplace will inevitably mean employees will question their own actions and prevent human factor causing accidents. This Safety Culture is recognized at board level as targets set by the board and Managers could be an influence to human error. FastIraq have embarked upon a program to remove accidents and incidents in the workplace with the launch of our Target Zero scheme. We are pleased to report that since its introduction our incident rate has reduced dramatically. We remain committed to continuing to promote Target Zero throughout our business and will work tirelessly to ensure that FastIraq continues to be regarded in our industry and will become the safe choice.


All waste is separated at source, timber, metals, general waste and hazardous waste. These are then recycled if applicable or removed by licensed waste transfer company. Used tires can be recycled and if suitable be used in casing bank.


Trained and competent drivers maintaining speed limits, wearing seat belts and maintaining vehicle safety feature. Tires at the correct pressures providing optimum fuel consumption and lower emissions.


FastIraq is committed to working with, for and in support of the communities within which we operate. We strive to employ people who are local to our operation. We strongly believe in giving back to the community and FastIraq donates a percentage of its profits each year to a number of worthy causes.

Supply Chain

As far as possible we shall purchase products and services that do the least damage to the environment, assessing any environmental impact of new processes or products we intend to use. We only work with supply chain partners that meet our strict criteria terms of product, service in life and sustainable practices at end of life.  

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