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Our Network

FastIraq Telecommunications (AS56484) provides the only 100% Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) end to end global network with local termination in every major city in Iraq.

Within Iraq, FastIraq is a licensed by the Iraq Telecommunications & Postal Company (ITPC) to resell capacity on the ITPC network as well as access & utilize the existing ITPC infrastructure located at each ITPC exchange.

As a licensed telecommunications company, FastIraq is authorized to extend the ITPC facilities with its own facilities to establish Points of Presence (POP) in close proximity of our customers. Within our POP’s, FastIraq maintains network infrastructure to support SDH, Layer 2 & Layer 3 Ethernet (MPLS) and IP services. All of our POP’s include resilient power solutions, fiber ingress/egress & network elements designed to meet the most demanding Service Level Agreements (SLA).

Each FastIraq POP maintains a telecommunications tower designed to securely mount wireless antenna to support our local access & dedicated point to point network connections. Each tower is electrically grounded, inspected on a quarterly basis and includes industry standard ant-fall systems to keep our rigging teams safe.

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