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What We Do

We provide networked solutions & services to the Iraqi market. As our name implies, we are focused on Iraq. We actively solicit and respond to tenders for business critical telecommunications services that exceed our customers’ expectations. We work with world class partners to deliver high quality, reliable and scalable solutions that can operate without fail in a challenging environment.

We stand by our word with the most aggressive & complete Service Level Agreements (SLA) in Iraq and on level with international best practices.

We support our customers how we would want to be supported – quickly, efficiently and without rest until the problem is solved.

We get the job done regardless of conditions. We take the necessary steps and precautions to achieve success because that is what our customers need and expect. From locations far off the beaten path to blistering summer heat to less than ideal security environments, we find a way to get in, get the job done and get everyone home safely.

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