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About FastIraq

FastIraq Telecommunications is a premiere local & international access & solutions provider headquartered in Baghdad, Iraq that provides telecommunications services to enterprise, government and retail customers.

In partnership with the Iraq Telephone & Postal Company (ITPC) and the leading regional & global telecommunications services providers, our services platform features resilient international & domestic capabilities to connect every major city in Iraq with every major city in the world.

FastIraq’s network reliably and securely provides enhanced, scalable network capabilities to deliver today’s technology in the complex operating environment of Iraq.

We take end-to-end responsibility for monitoring and maintaining the network. We listen to what you need and engineer solutions to your specifications. Our comprehensive portfolio of data, security, video, voice and unified communications solutions provide powerful options to address your most difficult IT challenges.

We can help you grow your Iraq business and improve the efficiency of your current Iraq operations. Because when it comes to your business, we treat it like it’s our business.

Global – Local – Committed to Excellence

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